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Our mission is to build the biggest community of BIPOC-owned businesses in the world. Get your business in front of the masses with one of our author plans below. Plans only require a one-time payment for unlimited access and edits. Have questions? Email us at [email protected].


Here’s how to submit your listing:
  1. Fill in your username and email and choose an author plan
  2. Click on Sign Up! and proceed to checkout
  3. Pay for your author plan with a debit or credit card
  4. Check your email for your login info
  5. Log in and add submit your listing information

Prices may increase in the future as our community grows and gets more interest. Submit your listing now to get the lowest price!

OXC Author Basic

Claim your space on OXC with a basic listing. Make unlimited edits whenever you like.
1 Listing
Lifetime Access
Basic Business Information
(Description, Contact Info, Social, Hours)
Ad-Supported Listing

OXC Author Premium

For the serial entrepreneur, big-time business, or agency, this plan gives you everything you need to show off your brands.
3 Listings
Lifetime Access
Basic Business Information
(Description, Contact Info, Social, Hours)
No Ads on Listing
Access to Rich Media Features
(Image Gallery, Header Image, Video)
Access to SEO Features
Get Featured in Search Results
& Recommended Carousels

Essential details

Every author plan gives you the ability to upload essential business details. Provide contact information, an image, and tell your story with a description. You can also show what demographic group your business belongs to and lay out the important features/elements of your business. 


Show and tell

Sometimes words aren’t enough and you’d rather show than tell. With OXC Author Plus and OXC Author Premium, you can include a gallery of images and a video to showcase your products. You can also upload a header image to give your listing that “WOW Factor” as soon as a visitor lands on your listing page.


Get featured

Need to get your business in front of more eyeballs? With OXC Author Premium, you can move your listing to the top of our search results and the front of our recommended carousel on listing pages. Ain’t no stopping you now!



What type of business can be listed on OXC?

Businesses wholly-owned or majority-owned by any non-white person(s) can be listed on OXC. Businesses of all sizes are allowed. Non-profit organizations are also allowed. Exceptions are made for acquired or publicly traded companies that were started and currently operated by a founder of color.

Can I post my side project on OXC?

The listing must be run as an actual business entity, revenue-generating activity (e.g. an Etsy side hustle), or non-profit. Hobbies and non-revenue generating activities are not allowed.

Is there an approval process for listings?

Every submitted listing is reviewed by our team. We may reach out to you for verification of your background and company affiliation. We have the right to deny and remove any listing. If a listing is denied, you will be refunded. However, if a listing is accepted by our team but is removed in the future for not meeting our qualifications, your payment will not be refunded.

Can I remove a listing for my business?

If you would like to remove your business listing, you can do so through your account portal. If you would like us to remove your account completely, email us at [email protected]. If you don't have an OXC account and your business is listed on OXC, you can email us to get your business removed.