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120 Business Model Examples to Help You Find Inspiration for Your Business

We highlight 20 companies for six of the most common business models around, organized into a beautiful Notion notebook.

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The business models we cover

We've organized the Notion notebook into six business model categories.

Subscription Model

The customer pays a fixed fee on a recurring basis to get access to a product, service, or content.

Advertising Model

A platform or service that is free for the end user and monetized through advertising placements.

Affiliate Model

A company sells or promotes products and services of other companies for a commission/payout.

Freemium Model

The customer has limited access to a service through free features and has to pay or subscribe for Premium features.

Direct Sales Model

A company sells a product or service directly to its customers without a third-party wholesaler or retailer.

Brokerage Model

Any marketplace or platform that facilitates the relationship between buyers and sellers or supply and demand.